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Photograph of Carolyn Marn, HHP

 Carolyn Marn, BHS, HHP 

    Quantum Healer & Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner    


Photograph of David Marn, DC

                       David Marn, BSc, DC                    



  "My wife Carolyn is a True Healer - like none other I have 
 in my 25 years as a Chiropractor."


Four Petaled Flower Symbol of the Unity of All Life
Carolyn and David Marn at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada - June 2015
Carolyn and David at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada USA - June 2015

“In the infinity of life where I am,
All is perfect, whole and complete,

I choose to no longer believe in old limitations and lack,

                                                                I now choose to begin to see myself

As the Universe sees me -

Perfect, Whole, and Complete.”


                                  ~ Louise L. Hay, You Can Heal Your Life

David and Carolyn Marn reside in 
Beautiful Ko Olina ("Place of Joy") Resort .....
 Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii  USA



in the resort area of Ko Olina - near Kapolei, Oahu, HI 
 "Ko Olina" means "Place of Joy". 
It is part of an original Royal
 Land Division and was once a
 Sacred Area for 
Hawaiian Monarchs & Leaders to Rest ..... 



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