*** OMI PEMF Products are the most affordable on the market; and, are as safe & effective as the very expensive models! OMI products & controllers are simple & versatile to use. OMI PEMF Products even carry a 30-Day money back guarantee (minus $250 + shipping return charge) and a 3-year Factory Warranty! To order your OMI PEMF Therapy Products, please click on the following link: REJUVENATION  We will be happy to answer your questions before and after you make your purchase! We can also help you to choose the optimal frequency program & schedule for you - to help you to get started optimally right away! PEMF Supply ships Worldwide, except to Canada. If you are a Canadian Resident, please Contact Us and we will give you alternate information. Please check the CONTRAINDICATIONS to PEMF Therapy before ordering your OMI PEMF products! All OMI PEMF products emit low intensity PEMF's ***


 "I can absolutely confirm the benefits of the OMI PEMF mat which Carolyn recommends. I have been using it for about 3 weeks and my joints have significantly improved, are more flexible, and less painful. After one week of using the recommended frequency setting for carpal tunnel, my hands feel no longer numb and I regained strength.         I am grateful to you, Carolyn, for being soooo helpful with all the right information and advice on use ...           You are an amazing healer! Very grateful!"

 ~ Eva F.      Vienna, Austria

* Counteracts the Negative Effects of "Dirty EMF" Pollution *

* Stronger Bones *

* Accelerated Repair of Bone & Soft Tissue Injuries *

* Reduced Inflammation & Edema *

* Endorphin Secretion & Pain Relief *

* Alleviation of Depression *

* Prevention of Cancer & Degenerative Diseases *

* Improved CVA (Stroke) Recovery *

* Better Control of Blood Sugar Levels (Diabetes) *

* Improved, Deeper Sleep & HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Secretion *

* Better Oxygenation & Circulation, Including Microcirculation *

* Increased Vagal Tone *

* Better Uptake of Nutrients & Cellular Detoxification *

* Increased Alertness & Clear-Headedness *

* Improved Skin Texture & Appearance *

* More Energy & Vitality *

* Weight Loss *

* Improved Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Levels *

* Balanced Immune System & Stimulation of RNA and DNA *

*  Muscle Relaxation & Stress Reduction *

* Decreased Platelet Adhesion *

* Nerve & Tissue Regeneration *

Picture of OMI Full-Body PEMF Pad

* Recharges Transmembrane Potential (TMP) * 

* Increases ATP Production in the Mitochandria *

* Enhances the Sodium Potassium Pump *

* Increases Cellular PH, Creating a More Alkaline Environment *

* Improves Oxygenation of the Cells *

* Lowers Blood Viscosity & Improves Circulation *

* Creates a Healthy Level of Electroporation *
NOTE: It is not necessary to use PEMF products for 3 hours per day as the woman in purple in this video stated that she did! The recommendation for the OMI PEMF Products is 8-12 minutes twice per day